I’m a geek by marriage. Meaning I married a tech head. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is not a nerd. He’s a wonderful, funny, good looking man who just happened to fall in love with technology – before he fell in love with me. And he falls in love with it more and more each day. We have every gadget known to man and then some. Our car has the latest technology and even our dog has been signed up for ‘No More Woof’ – a headset that detects the dog’s needs and lets him communicate with us via short sentences.

I have technology too! My last birthday present was a smart watch (which I don’t always remember to Bluetooth to my phone) and I have my own Facebook page (which my husband insisted on setting up for me because I wouldn’t be in the loop otherwise).

I shouldn’t complain. I do love waking up in winter to a house that knows what a warm welcome means! Because of my Tech Head Hubby, I get to wake up to the smell of coffee brewing at a pre-set time and my favorite songs playing as I walk past sensors which tell the inbuilt music system to pipe the music gently through the house. We have automatic sensors in the shower which mean I can walk in and the water turns on at the perfect temperature and an internet fridge that lets me know when I need to restock. Who needs to think anymore, right?

But I do miss the days of simplicity. The days where I didn’t have to program the coffee maker in advance or miss 5 minutes of my favorite show because the computer thought it was a commercial break while taping and skipped it.

The days when I could walk into the room and pick up a real newspaper, not an iPad with a computerized voice named Siri (what kind of name is that?) who asks me, “what can I help you with?” and when I reply, “read today’s news…” she answers with, “Here are the Kings of the Kids on a Reading Mission.” What the? Sometimes I feel like throwing the gadgets out the window or at my husband!

And just when I’m about to pick up my iPad mini (a Christmas present from him) and throw it at him, he turns around from the three computer monitors at his desk, gives me the goofiest smile and says, “Honey, I’ve just found the most perfect app for you!”

And I put the iPad down, give him a hug and accept the fact that this is what my life is like now. I am the wife of a Tech Head.

Does anyone else share my problem? I’d love to hear your stories too!