leake-main1In exactly a month’s time, we are going on a holiday. And I mean a real holiday. No internet, no iPad, no smart watch, no access to all the tech gadgets my husband and I have become slaves to.

It appears that somehow over the last 5 years, we have given birth to a range of great gadgets. Gadgets that tell you when to eat, when to sleep, what to cook for dinner, how many calories you have burned in a day and even having the ability to wake us up in the morning with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

I never realized how much these gadgets impacted upon our lives until we were at lunch the other day and used our smart phones to post pictures of our meals instead of eating them and then liking each other’s pics on our respective Facebook pages. We barely spoke unless it was to show each other a funny Instagram post or talk about what my smart watch said as texts and reminders came through. It was over that particular lunch that the idea was born of having a holiday without ‘the gadgets’.

So we have booked our ‘gadget free holiday’ and are getting back to the basics. We are going back to nature. We are going to lead a life for two weeks without all the modern conveniences that one would take for granted. We are going to wash our laundry by hand, listen to nature instead of the television or radio, and look at flora and fauna instead of our computer screens.

In the morning we are going to let nature wake us with the twittering of birds instead of the tweeting of Twitter and we are going to fetch water from the cool running stream to boil it and make a cup of coffee by hand instead of letting our programmed coffee machine make it for us.

There will be no blue toothed music through our Bose speakers or through our Pay TV channels. Instead, we are going to be at one with nature and listen to the musical sounds of the tinkling nearby stream and the rustle of the leaves as the breeze gently blows through.

I’m getting excited just thinking about it! No pressure to be the first to comment on a Facebook post or the first to tweet about my husband’s first words and actions of the morning. We shall be having real conversations where we listen to each other’s thoughts and feelings. We will have to actually look each other in the eye as we clink our glass of wine together as the sun sets over our cabin.

Ah bliss! As I look fondly at my husband who is sitting there with his surround sound headphones on, pouring over his iPad as he checks out the latest online shopping bargains, I realize that he is blissfully unaware of the full extent of where this holiday is going to take us. Right back to basics!

Yep! It’s going to be an experience alright!