We are now in a world where technology is continuously changing. It is the predominance of technology that has the biggest influence on our everyday tasks. Because of the rapidness that which it is changing, people are struggling to keep up. What happened to simplicity? Wasn’t it enough having a coffee pot with a single switch to turn on and heat up the coffee? Wasn’t it simple enough to turn off and on lights with the flick of a switch? To some, apparently not.

With a growing population and more kids being born, some parents decide it is best that one stays at home. Regardless of where you are, technology plays a part of the environment. We get comfortable with our appliances that we use at the house on a regular basis, but like everything else eventually they stop. Some of these appliances are designed to last for years before they stop working. By the time it is time for a new TV the one you used to have will probably be well outdated compared to all the ones that are available on the market. So not only do you have to get a new television, but you also have to get used to a whole new design and configuration. The remotes that come with the service provider are often set up differently as well. What a hassle just to watch Two and a Half Men or some Reality TV!

So now, we go in to our kitchen only to find that the controls on the oven and stove stopped working, and there is no way of replacing the parts themselves. The entire system has to be replaced. A man comes in and installs a new set up that operates by a touch screen. The touch screen works well on iPhones and other Apple devices, but not so well with a stove or oven. You have to make sure your hands are clean otherwise you will smudge the screen which causes the sensitivity to go away. And you have to be mindful of where you touch the screen, otherwise you will either have to start the process all over again, or you will end up burning your dinner. It might be a convenience, but then again there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the old set up.

The Internet is a convenience to everyone nowadays. The problem isn’t going on to the Internet from the computer itself. What is the real problem is setting up the means to access the Internet. Everyone has to struggle the first time when setting up a router in their house. Whoever designed them did not have simplicity in mind. Wires go every which way and connect to various ports and adapters. And after hours of setting it up, you have to keep your fingers crossed in hopes that it works. At this point the work isn’t done, because you still have to configure the router to your personal preference. You have to make sure it is secure so no one can access it from anywhere they wish. I’m lucky that I have my husband to look after any of those “geek” things.

These are only a few of the various complications that come about with technology. And it seems as though those of us who aren’t as good at picking up on new devices are stuck to figure all of this out ourselves – I know that I’m in all sorts of strife if something breaks down when my husband is at work.