I rang my best friend yesterday to vent about my upcoming holiday. She asked why I would get so stressed while planning the holiday of a lifetime with the most wonderful man in the world?

“Well,” I said to her, “Try traveling with a tech head husband!”

What’s a tech head husband I hear you ask? He’s Josh – a wonderful man whom I met and married. Yet, little did I know I would also end up with a myriad of the latest technology gadgets creeping into our marriage like a third party. Don’t get me wrong. It’s fine to have great gadgets that work and are helpful when you are at home, but do you really need them when traveling?

Picture this. Imagine working long hours and not seeing your other half except over a quick cup of coffee in the morning (from our high tech coffee machine that does everything including talk to you). We were both suffering from too much work and not enough leisure time, so we decided that we both needed a holiday and couldn’t wait to get away from it all. But there the similarity ends and the story begins.

We sat down together over the weekend to discuss dates, places to go and where to visit. I had visions of tropical islands, sipping cocktails at sunset, secluded beaches and afternoon delights. Somewhere remote where we could reconnect and rediscover ourselves. Somewhere away from everything and everyone. I had gone to the travel agent and come home with a heap of brochures of exotic island getaways and romantic travel packages. Everything from cozy cabins in the woods to sun drenched beaches at Bora Bora.

As we sat down, his iPad came out. This is not an unusual occurrence, but I really just wanted to pour over the brochures and pick out something with a white sandy beach to walk along as the sun set in the sky. Or a lake that offered peace, calm, romance and serenity.

However, as I took a quick peak at the tabs on the screen, I can tell you right now, my heart sank to the bottom of my shoes. They read, “Holiday cottages with broadband access” – “Internet friendly holiday accommodation” – “self-catering cottage holidays with Internet access”….

I stared at him and he had that goofy smile on his face as if he was so pleased with himself. His goofy smile didn’t win me over this time though! He must have seen my frozen face because he then looked puzzled.

“What?” He said (In that man voice that says he has no idea what he did wrong.)

I proceeded to ask him what sort of holiday he thought we were going on. He still looked puzzled as he told me we were going on a holiday by ourselves.

When I asked him where, he showed me all the wonderful places you could go where they still had internet access and enthusiastically pointed out the fact that we would still be able to check on our home through the internet while we were away. He told me that even though we would be in a cottage somewhere away from everyone, we could still go online to order groceries that would be delivered to us. And the best part? We wouldn’t miss a football game because we could still watch it online!

I took the iPad off him. I switched it off and asked him to choose. Gadgets or me? Lucky for him he chose me. So now we are going to choose our holiday together and I’m glad to say, there will be no third party joining us this time round.