I have an amazing husband. He is smart, funny, good looking and a bit of a tech head. We own every technological gadget you can imagine – compliments to my darling husband’s eagerness to make our life ‘easier’.

Lately he’s been discussing our music. His playlist consists of thousands of songs more than I have, but fortunately, we both enjoy the same music. He’s already set the house up so music is piped into every room as you walk in. Every room is connected except the bathroom. Originally, I didn’t see why we would music blasting in there. You went in, had a shower, brushed your teeth and left. Right? So at my insistence, the bathroom didn’t get music.

But last week something happened to change that. After reading some shower head reviews online and sharing the links with me to see what I thought about replacing our shower head (I wanted a rainfall one myself), my husband decided to order a Kohler Moxie Shower Head which was delivered on Thursday and promptly installed by him that night. This is a shower head that is Blue-toothed to your playlist. In his case, his iPod and in my case, my cell phone. At first I thought he had gone too far. I did not need to have music blasting in my ear while I washed my hair. My shower time was my thinking time. It was my alone time. But he wouldn’t relent. He was putting the shower head in. And he did.

We’ve had it for 5 days now and I must admit, for a non-techie person, it’s surprisingly simple to use. I walk into the bathroom, turn on my iPod, sync it to the ‘cone’, as I call it and slide the cone inside the middle of the shower head. I do love the fact that I can listen to my favorite songs and sing along to them in the shower. Of course, the downside is that I stay in the shower longer than I should, as I love my music and would stay in there all day, just to listen to my favorite songs if I could.

My husband listens to Podcasts more than he listens to his music. He follows quite a few professional speakers, but being the techno whiz he is, his favorite Podcast is all about the latest and greatest technology that is coming out. His Podcasts usually run for about 10 to 15 minutes, so it means that he comes out nice and clean after being in the shower that long. I tell him he’s shiny and new – just like his gadgets!! (It doesn’t always go down well).

Anyway, the wonderful Kohler Moxie shower head is here to stay and I guess I’ll have a nice clean husband to boot!