What do you buy a man who has everything? It’s my husband’s birthday soon and I am really not sure what to get him. If I were to get him a cool gadget, I wouldn’t even know where to start looking to buy him something that he doesn’t already have. He buys all the latest gadgets online himself and signs up for all the pre released gear before it even hits the shelves! Apparently we are getting a handful of different products over the coming months that he has prebought on Kickstarter. I’m not sure what half of them are, but according to my Tech Head husband, they are all going to be really useful.

We were at a dinner on the weekend and someone mentioned his birthday and asked him what he wanted. His reply was, “I’d love a backpack!” I was stunned. A backpack? What for? Apparently to carry his ‘tech stuff’ around with him. I couldn’t really see the point, but if that’s what he wanted, then that’s what he’d get.

I started looking online this week and was blown away. Did you know that there are a whole range of backpacks available for Techies and Geeks? There are rechargeable knapsacks, tech-savvy backpacks, touch screen book bags and superman vision knapsacks. I started looking at the most popular ones to try and figure out which one would be best suited to his needs – after all, I love my husband so I’d want to make sure I got the best backpack for him.

I liked what they called the rechargeable knapsack. This had a built in charger that recharges up to three gadgets and a laptop all at the same time. With all his technological gadgets he lugs around, that would be pretty useful. It also comes in his favorite color – blue. The only thing was that you had to plug it in to a wall socket first, which I thought was fine, until I read about the Tech-Savvy backpack.

The Tech-Savvy backpack was really cool! It generates its own power as you walk. You don’t have to plug in any of the gadgets to charge them and the backpack has a wireless charging pad which would be really handy for all his little gadgets like his cellphone and MP3 Player.

I then found two more popular backpacks that were really advanced (in my eyes, but probably not in his).

The first one was a touch screen book bag. This bag was interesting because you could do so much with it! It had touch screen straps that played music or displayed pictures. It was USB compatible and could link up with other backpacks of the same brand if they were in the area. So I guess I’d have to get a matching one so we could, ‘hook’ up?

Finally I found one that fulfilled my husband’s fantasies. A superman vision backpack. My husband’s always been a Superman fan and would love to have superpowers. This backpack would let him do that. Apparently it has a portable radar system which lets you see through walls. It then sends a live 3D map of the next room (and everyone in it) to your smartphone. Amazing!

After all the searching and being blown away by all on offer, I decided that as much fun as he would have by playing Superman, the world wasn’t ready for him yet – and I went with the Tech-Savvy Backpack. It arrives in a few days, so he can have fun getting fit while charging his gadgets!