My husband is a real stickler about his personal stuff while camping. He totes a bunch of hand-picked items to enrich the experience, saying they are must haves, but I am not too sure about the real outdoor utility of most of them. Who needs an iPod dock, an LED lamp, a hairdryer, fan, electric blanket, or a cell phone for that matter? You are supposed to be roughing it and enjoying nature in the raw. You are supposed to fend for yourself and learn survival strategies. He says ingenious devices are part of the camping package and the more the better. He wants to test a few new ones this time around.

This man wants his preferred gadgets by his side while taking in the fresh air and scenic vistas. We are not talking about standalone fishing equipment like a rod and reel, but things that need to operate electrically. Of course, you need a generator to keep all this humming and purring for the entire duration of the trip. Your generator better be a good one, preferably new. So we need to go out looking right now and forget borrowing dad’s old standby. This is at the top of our list of priorities.

We are searching diligently on line and reading reviews on sites like this and are overwhelmed by the fancy units available: battery-powered, invertors, gas driven, and more. Some are a simple as ABC, some as complicated as algebra. All nicely compact however. I think the generator has to be light enough to carry with ease and not too big or noisy. These aren’t issues much anymore and designs and features have come a long way. Replacing an old model is the answer to any problems.

I, for one, value reliability first and foremost. This is why I think after reading the solar generator reviews online, we’ll be getting a solar generator for our camping toolbox. If you are going to bring a generator with you, it should work perfectly. Camping is tough enough in some ways, and you don’t want to add to your stress. An energy device with multiple uses is a great addition to your gear, but some of my hubby’s accessories could and should be left at home! Small unobtrusive lights make life easier on the road and cooking and preparing for bed a breeze. Keeping food cold is a must.

I am afraid that once we get a great generator, my guy will find many more appliances and useless objects to accompany us. He’s like this at home, so it is really no surprise! Ladies, heads up. The more stuff in the trunk, the more to lug around and pack – that’s usually your job. If you live with an implement collector, you hear me loud and clear.

Why can’t he crave a Swiss army knife or a hand-cranked can opener. A battery radio will do just fine. We can stay in touch with the world, get the news, and listen to music. Batteries I can accept, a generator….well, maybe. It seems contradictory to the camping ethic. But for the sake of peace and a pleasant vacation, I will remain mum.