Body fat. These two words evoke fear and trembling of the worst kind. It is a true existential crisis when you confront it in yourself. Have you seen the photos of celeb beach bodies lately? In the old days they would look like concentration camp victims. Now, zero body fat is the ideal. You could die trying to get it.

The scales don’t lie. Those digital demons tell the truth in blatant easy-to-read numbers. You can get on and off a million times, and the fact remains: you have gained weight (and therefore body fat). I almost wish I hadn’t purchased that state-of-the-art tech best digital scale that gives every statistic you want and more. Yes, now you can get body fat at a glance. Dieters beware. It will keep you endlessly pursuing that elusive dream and may even populate your nightmares with hellish images of obesity.

There are charts and graphs that tell us what we show weight at what age and height. If you work out a lot, you may have muscle weight. You should factor in any clothing you wear while you get your numbers. Then look at the real truth and make a decision. Is this going to be a new diet day?

It is a digital dance dance in effect. The old scales weren’t any better at putting off the inevitable. They just weren’t that accurate. You can now buy reliability and it won’t make you feel any better. Few people lose weight consistently. Few people sustain the results. Yo-yo dieting is the worst way of life. It is a ticket to the digital dance competition and there aren’t many winners.

Weight is such a prevalent issue. You can’t avoid it. People talk about food endlessly and describe their diets and unwelcome restrictions. Now they are adding their fabulous new scale to the conversation. You get every last ounce. No more pizza, sodas, ice cream, or hamburgers—the joys of life. Sometimes you have to subject your husband and loved ones to a reduced-calorie concoction of kale salad and pine nuts.

I feel like putting the darned scale in the closet and locking it up. It can ruin your life. But you get into the daily routine and wonder with every bite of food if you are gaining or losing weight. It is an endless, mindless pursuit of unhappiness.

I found the best body fat scale on line at a discount site so it was a must-have purchase. I didn’t get the one that takes voice commands, but it can store information in my smart phone so I never forget. Just keep it away from social media. Things have a nasty way of leaking over to places where they are not wanted.

I do appreciate the “body analyzer” features (that adds to the room temperature and air quality) that come in the form of graphs and charts if you want. These pricey scales talk and instruct. They become your mechanical health advisor. The next generation will probably give you pep talks and recipes!