I left the house one bright, sunny, and rather balmy afternoon only to find the oddest contraption sitting in the driveway. It was brand new, made by Honda. A mystery. I dutifully moved it over to the side, and still had no clue what it was. It had a cute little motor and some small wheels. A handle was prominent in the front so you could apparently push or pull the thing. It looked new so I guessed it was a new lawn motor. The only problem is that we don’t have one—nary a blade of grass. We have planting beds, rockwork, a trellis with a vine, and some nice stone pavers, but alas, no lawn. And thus, we never had a mower to replace.

Was this to be a gift for my husband’s brother? I don’t recall an upcoming birthday or landmark event. Plus, he is not known as a do-it-yourself type at home. No, not handy. Maybe it’s for a friend, but isn’t this a little extravagant, even for Christmas. After all, it is a real machine of sorts. (Still not sure what for.) I get it. It must be a generator. It is made by Honda and I know they make portable camping stuff like that. Some uncle of mine has one. Leave it to my techy husband to get something so practical. I am going to start packing now. We have not had a power outage, mind you, ever, if he has the generator in mind for our house. I guess you can’t be too careful or proactive.

So… rather than speculate any longer, I waited until my guy got home to bare the facts. What was this gadget for? When he arrived, without a confrontation and after a nice dinner, I asked. Can’t you tell, he cried. I can clean anything. It’s a power washer, “the best pressure washer online”, apparently. It will take the oil stains off the driveway and dust off the old garage door. It will clean caked-on dirt from the windows, and adjusted for flow, the car. Can you think of anything else? He smiled.

The first thing that came to my mind was, I’m not going to do this! He really didn’t expect me to, but then he had made a little investment here and I didn’t want it sitting around. He has a lot of gadgetry already and something will have to give. There are only so many hours in his day.

In reality, the thing is kind of fun. It has a pump on it, and I started one morning with the sidewalk. Then the front door and walk. Who doesn’t want the neighbors admiring a clean front of your house! I found it fairly light weight but effective at doing its job. I could attack that nasty boy down the street if he disturbs my dog one more time. It has good power but not enough to scare the devil out of you. I’m hooked! Hey roof, here I come. Chimney, get ready.