I left the house one bright, sunny, and rather balmy afternoon only to find the oddest contraption sitting in the driveway. It was brand new, made by Honda. A mystery. I dutifully moved it over to the side, and still had no clue what it was. It had a cute little motor and some small […]

This kid came around to the house the other day and rang the bell. He was canvassing the neighborhood for a scrap metal recycling project of some kind and asked for donations of objects and wares. The ultimate purpose was kind of vague. I’m not sure what organization he represented—maybe the Boy Scouts? However, I […]

Body fat. These two words evoke fear and trembling of the worst kind. It is a true existential crisis when you confront it in yourself. Have you seen the photos of celeb beach bodies lately? In the old days they would look like concentration camp victims. Now, zero body fat is the ideal. You could die trying […]

My grandmother was a sewing whiz but had an old black Singer sewing machine inherited from her mother with lovely decorative gold scrollwork that was a classic of its kind. She could have had a modern one but said she couldn’t part with it; and besides it did everything she needed. Of course. She did […]

There’s just something special about a good fireplace on a cold evening. I think my love for wood fireplaces goes back to the days of summer camp when I was a kid, sitting in front of a fire with a blanket around my shoulders, singing songs with a guitar. After getting married, I knew our […]

I have an amazing husband. He is smart, funny, good looking and a bit of a tech head. We own every technological gadget you can imagine – compliments to my darling husband’s eagerness to make our life ‘easier’. Lately he’s been discussing our music. His playlist consists of thousands of songs more than I have, […]